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Everyone has different goals and dreams.

Some are clear on what they want and others, not so sure.

What connects us all is our application to discovering and achieving those goals.
We know there is an element of suffering in our training, but we keep coming back.
That drive, determination… a sense of belonging to a tribe where nobody quits.
Stronger with every session, training smarter, new challenges and a revamp of our thinking process… replaced by a desire and a feeling of "I can do this!"

Meet The Team


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Jeanne is originally from the countryside of Brittany (France) where she started to dance as a young child. She became a fitness enthusiast in 2014 when she moved to London to start her career as a French Teacher. There, she began to run, attended various Boxfit trainings and discovered the gym environment through dance and fitness classes.

Jeanne loves to train as it keeps her fit and feeling energised. She aims to share her passion & empower members to enjoy the process. Her long-term goal is to build a community of like-minded people.

Jeanne likes nothing more than being out in the fresh air and she can often be seen walking around the scenic parts of Mayo. When she is not out and about, she enjoys cooking vegan dishes, meeting up with her friends for a coffee and playing with her dog, Saoirse.

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Tom has always been passionate about sport and exercise, playing GAA and Soccer from an early age.

Over the years Tom has focused on endurance training for many sports including boxing, cycling, and running and has recently begun climbing mountains!  

He enjoys using inspiration and training methods from many areas in a quest to achieve greater fitness. His mission is to push others to get better, faster & stronger.

Tom became a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor in 2017, a decision he says was a “game-changer”. Tom loves the coaching aspect of the Job, fine tuning details of form and movement. Enjoying the strength and conditioning side of training himself, he loves to see members develop and hit their weight loss, general fitness, and sport specific goals.

Tom is also passionate about food, enjoying a fully plant-based diet which supports our planet and animals too.

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